How to sell products on Facebook?

Selling on Facebook is free, you might however not know the steps in doing so. We’ll guide you through them;

Sign up a Facebook account

First, create a Facebook account to start your business on a large platform. This way you have completed your first step in selling on Facebook.

Create a Facebook page

Creating an account is not enough, to sell on Facebook; you must set up a business Facebook page. It is not impossible to create a shop on your personal Facebook page. This shop features are only available on a Facebook page. A Facebook business page lots of business and marketing advantages, over your personal account.

  • Personal accounts for social connections while Facebook pages are for business.
  • Facebook pages have different categories; local business, brands or products, institutions or organizations.
  • A Facebook page gives you a better platform for customers to find your product, like your products, follow your shop, and blogs.

Set up your shop section

To set up your shop, go to the business page, in the home section you will find a shop button. Click and follow the necessary steps.

Select a check out method

Here you will have to choose which method your customers will buy your product. There are two methods available;

The messages to purchase method that is the customers’ message you directly to your inbox, ask about the product and let you arrange delivery.

Check on another website, here you give the customers another option; either go to your website or another website.

Set up your shop

Here, you will have to state things like the currency you use, if you might add prices on your product, and also describe your shop. You must describe your shop in a brief way and also about the company you own.

Add products to your shop

On this section, you list the products you sell. State the price of each product, describe the product in detail, and then share your visibility in Facebook page.

Share and promote your page

This is the final step that will help you bring traffic to your page. Invite more friends to like your page, and more likes will bring customers to the page.

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